Vericut 9.3.0 on julkaistu 3.8.2022

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Increase productivity and sustainability with VERICUT software version 9.3!

The newest features in VERICUT 9.3 are all about utilizing more, better data to build the most accurate digital twin possible for your machines. Verify and optimize your NC programs with data from your CNC machines, cutting tools, stock material, and more.

New and enhanced features in VERICUT 9.3 include:

  • Build and manage component assemblies using a project tree-like structure. Drag and drop assemblies from Assembly Manager into VERICUT's project tree.
  • tool Performance Database (TPD) suggests starting spindle speed and feed rate values for cutters in a wide range of stock materials.
  • Machine Optimization Data (MOD) displays a table of spindle speeds and feed rates based on the cutter, material of the workpiece, and cutting operation for programmers to achieve their desired cutting conditions.
  • Get data directly from CNC machines on the shop floor to validate that the job setup information on the machine matches what was simulated in VERICUT.
  • And much more!
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