VERICUT 9.2 on julkaistu!

Vericut92-2021-07-08_11-15-35pngIncrease productivity and sustainability with VERICUT software version 9.2!

VERICUT 9.2 is designed to boost manufacturing efficiency, help preserve machines and cutting tools, increase machine capacity and dramatically reduce repair & scrap costs. Here are some of the new and enhanced features in VERICUT 9.2:

  • Verify your NC programs faster with significant speed increases and improved accuracy to collision checking and overall performance
  • Export, import and manage libraries of component assemblies with the New Assembly Manager
  • Simplify the VERICUT machine building process and create more realistic setups in a matter of seconds by importing 3DLive data
  • Get the most out of your cutting tools with new tool types, new options for Hole Making tools and enhancements for tool reporting
  • See tool and program run times, graphs and optimization savings in real time while simulating with Dockable Graphs and Tool Use Windows
  • And much more!
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