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Edgecam päivityskäytäntö 2016-> - by Kari_Kuutela 2016.03.24 . 14:27

Software Update Policy
Development has changed the Software Update schedule since to start of 2016 R1. We would now like to make this policy official.

Update Schedule
We can potentially issue a Software Update every 3 to 4 weeks when required. In general, these updates are smaller than in previous versions, but more frequent. The updates will include bug fixes and non-language enhancements, such as support for the latest CAD systems.

 R1 Releases
Updates will be made available up to the following R2 release. Approximately a 6 month period. After that point we expect the R2 release to be installed.

 R2 Releases
Updates will be made available up to the following R2 release. Approximately a 12 month period. We realise that some of our larger customers only wish to update once a year. We advise these customers to base their yearly update on the R2 release.
The first 6 months will be normal updates and the following 6 months will be for critical updates only.

 Why the change?
Since the start of 2016 R1 project the Development department has adopted the Agile Process. In brief we now work in 3 week blocks (sprints), at the end of which we review and demonstrate the work completed. Each sprint is a mixture of Enhancements and bug fixes. If a task is marked for a Software Update it is implemented and tested in both the new version and the previous released version together. This gives us the potential to issue a Software Update at the end of each sprint.

Delivering small updates throughout the life of a software release allows customers to benefit from improved quality and functionality earlier, and is in line with the processes adopted by other successful software providers - from Microsoft, Google and Apple to our CAD partners and industry-standard component providers.